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Nursing News

After a long winter and unseasonably cold, stormy early spring, we are looking forward to the warm and sunny months ahead. This is a good time to switch out winter clothing for appropriate spring summer wardrobe. If you have clothing at the program,  please bring in a seasonal change of clothing. The staff will be happy to send the cold weather clothing home. It will be most helpful if clothing is labeled. Always be aware of the weather before going outdoors.    


With the warmer weather, participants will be getting outside more often.  On outings, hats and sunglasses would be helpful in protection from the sun. As more time is spent outside, staff will encourage participants to apply sunscreen and drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration. We are hoping all will join the daily Day by Day Walking Club.                 

 If experiencing seasonal allergies, please consult your doctor before mixing allergy medications with current prescriptions. Please visit the nurse’s office for any questions or concerns.